The History of Keg & Brew Pub Surry Hills

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Every month here at The Keg & Brew pub Surry Hills, we put together blogs about the things we love like craft beer
and bourbon whiskey and share them with you. We recently realised one thing we’ve never
discussed on our blog is the history of our wonderful little pub itself! There has been a pub in this
exact spot on Foveaux street in Surry Hills since way back in the 1800s, known first as the Standard
Hotel which was re-named the KB hotel in 1922.

The history of Keg & Brew Pub in Surry Hills

About Keg & Brew

Fast forward to 2014 and the popular pub was purchased by John Azar, owner of the Good Beer
Company. The Keg & Brew is extremely popular for after-work drinks due to its wide range of craft
beer and cider along with an impressive bourbon whiskey selection. Combining the epic drinks
offering with an inviting and cosy ambience makes the Keg & Brew a winner every time.

“So, what’s next for the Keg & Brew?”, we hear you ask and we’re glad you did. Here at the GBC,
we’re not ones to rest on our laurels and last year we decided it was time for a renovation. We
wanted to keep the spirit of what makes this pub so special however so don’t expect a massive
shock to the system.

2019 we’ll see the opening of a brand new bistro, along with an entire floor for
events and functions and last but not least, a cool and stylish rooftop bar with its very own wood-
fired pizza oven and views of the city. The renovations have kept in mind the roots of the pub and
are inspired by the Creole Plantations of the Southern states of USA.

Excited for Keg & Brew 2.0? You’re not the only one!