The Most Interesting Craft Beer Flavours You Can Find in AU

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Craft Beer is all about experimenting with flavours and ingredients. The search for a perfect
craft beer is always on the run, and even though is subjective, it is all about innovation.

At the Keg & Brew, we offer more than 50 taps, and many craft beers made in Australia as
international ones. Besides, come find our finest selection of Pale Ale, Australia’s favourite
craft beer.

craft beer flavours

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Recently, The 2019 Australian Craft Beer Survey published its results. It showed that drinking
craft beers are an increasing tendency in Australia and what consumers seek is “drinking beers
they’re never previously tried…”.

Craft Beer is about community, local support and independence. Therefore, consumers look
for advice on when or what to try “mostly from family and friends” and the brewery venue or
staff of their chosen Bar.

Furthermore, Australian craft beer drinkers are “big supporters of the scene”, particularly
independent breweries that release new craft beer flavours along the year.
Some of the ingredients used for Craft Beer are quite rare and never thought to be used for
this purpose. Let´s talk a bit more about the most exotic flavours in Australia which makes craft
beer drinking more interesting:

– Gelato Beer: This Summer Messina has teamed up with Australian Brewery to bring us
“Gelato Ale”. This will be a limited edition beer based in Argentina´s milk-caramel called “Dulce
de Leche”.

“The beer will be available on tap from select Sydney pubs, as well as in all Dan Murphy's,
select BWS stores and other leading liquor stores in NSW from December 1”, states the report
made by 10Daily Australia.

– Fruit: Fruit Beers are usually an Ale style that elaborates beer using the extract from the fruit.
Their flavours go from strawberry, raspberry, tangerine, cherry’s, grapefruit, watermelons,
apples and more.

For example, Bodriggy Brewing Co. has launched a new beer: Utropia made by a mixture of
pineapple, guava and passionfruit flavours

-Water from the Sea: Nomad craft brewery that collects and use water from the Tasmanian
mountains, close to the Ocean for the making of the “Nomad Brewing Freshie​”

– Honey: it is a usual ingredient in beers as it helps during the fermentation process. For
example, the Beez Neez Honey made by The Matilda Bay Brewing Company

-Ginger: spices are also used in beers to create innovative flavours. Ginger has been the chosen
by Australian brewers Young Henry’s for their Spiced Pumpkin Ale

-Candy: Have you ever thought about having lollies in a beer? Well, Moon Dog’s brewers have
released an edition of Redskins making it a sweet stout with a fruity flavour

-Tea: Early on coffee was a beverage already experimented in beer. But the Yeastie Boys
brewers have added the Earl Grey tea to one of their IPA´s: Gunnamatta IPA

– Peated distilling malt: Tasmania’s Seven Sheds and Yeastie Boys, from New Zealand, created
smoky beers with 100% distilling malt

-Corn Flakes: This year Kellogg’s has worked with One Drop Brewing Co to release a craft beer
that has as the main ingredients corn flake. Named the Corn Flakes Nitro Milkshake IPA, it uses
the cereal as it gives the beer a heavy body while has additions of fruit such as strawberry,
passionfruit, coconut and mango.

“The Shake Down – Fruity, creamy and utterly delicious. A true milkshake with copious
amounts of famous Kellogg’s cornflakes added into in our mash tun, with milky lactose, sweet
fruits, and rich vanilla. Sabro, Citra, and Simcoe add just the right slice of hoppiness without
distraction from the huge hits of ripe strawberry, passionfruit, coconut and mango. Served
with Nitro for ultimate creaminess”, describes One Drop Brewing Co.

– Mussels and oysters: According to a release made by The Good Food Australia “Tasmania’s
Two Metre Tall is brewed with Bruny Island mussels and oysters plus seawater and seaweed”.
This is one of the most innovative flavours on the market! 

 -Gluten-Free: TWØBAYS Brewing Co has announced that they are changed the market as they
will become 100% gluten-free. “There are not many gluten-free beers in Australia but roughly
2.3 million people or 15 per cent of Australians are gluten-free…”, quotes the interview made
to Richard Jeffares, one of their leaders, by 

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