Craft Beer Industry Contributes to Australian Jobs Market

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Craft Beer Bars and companies were born in North America as a home brewing hobby, today
they make millions for the U.S economy. During 2018, the industry contributed $79.1 billion to
the economy and was responsible for 559,545 jobs…That’s a 4% improvement from the 2017
numbers”, states an article published by Fortune.

The craft beer business in Australia has grown fast, the IBIS World report declares: “The Craft
Beer movement has flourished over the past five years”. They sustain that the factors that help
this growth are low barriers to entry and the increasing popularity of artisanal beers.

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In addition, a financial report made by ACIL Allen Consulting declared that “84% of all beer sold
in Australia is made in Australia. As a result of that domestic production, there is support for
almost 103,000 full-time Australian jobs and $16.5bn a year in economic activity…”.

Another fact is that 84% of all beer sold in Australia is made in Australia. “…Our vibrant beer

sector is a major driver of economic activity and domestic jobs, supporting vital cogs in the
industry from Australian farmers upstream to brewing, packaging, distribution and freight, all
the way through to retail, tourism and hospitality”, indicates the Brewer Association.

On the other hand, there are differences in consumption in each state: Victoria, New South
Wales and Queensland have shown to be the major contributors to our national economy. And
New South Wales is the top employer state, followed by Victoria who also has lots of beer
companies and pubs that sell these beers on tap.

Which brewing companies lead the Craft beer market?

The financial review made by IBIS World declared: “the largest market share is owned by Lion
Pty Ltd, ABI Australia Holding Pty Ltd, Asahi Holdings Pty Ltd and Gage Roads Brewing Co Ltd”.
“Strong demand has allowed the industry to expand over the past five years, with craft beer
producers now operating in every state and territory. Industry revenue is expected to increase
at an annualised 8.4% over the five years through 2019-20, to $604.8 million”, adds.

What do Australians prefer?

Almost all the beer produced in Australia is also sold here because of the large consumer
demand. The study made by The Beer Cartel quotes that “Pale Ale is Australia’s most
consumed craft beer style, with India Pale Ales (IPAs) also widely enjoyed in beer halls”. The
beer market is also growing thanks to the local taphouses that bet on Australian Craft brewers
and their independent brewers.

Again, if we focus state by state The Beer Cartel report also informs that Victoria is the “best
state” for drinking craft beer. “…it has the most breweries open out of any State, plus it has
alcohol legislation that has actually helped the growth of craft beer in the State; creating an
amazing array of small bars that are excited to offer their patrons craft beer”, it adds.

The consumer´s profile for Australia was also studied and it was discovered that, for Australia,
it is usually male, between the age of 30 and 39. The smallest group of consumers are between
the age of 18 years and 29 and only 20% of them are females.

Regarding the matter, the strongest consumers were found on Australia’s East locations. “Craft
breweries, beer gardens and bars are sought out by almost all craft beer drinkers when
travelling, while three quarters specifically look for restaurants with good beer on their list”,
quotes their report.

 Please notice that no alcohol should be consumed by persons under the age of 18.