Australians Embrace Craft Beer, Does Away With Traditional Brews

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Craft Beer drinking has gotten more and more popular in Australia, consumers and local bars
bet for independent brewers that innovate with flavours and ingredients rather than
consuming massive beer produce. According to a recent press release by The Herald “The craft
beer market is booming in Australia with consumers no longer loyal to traditional brands and
willing to experiment more”.

“…Craft beer is the only segment of the Australian beer market which is in continuous growth,
with overall consumption of beer and alcohol in decline…”, explains the 2019 Australian Craft
Beer Survey Results. This is a very interesting tendency since Australians are more aware of
beer consumption than ever before.

craft beer in Australia

Craft Beer drinkers keep exploring new products and craft brewers. However, there are always
leaders and Balter has been, for the second year in a row, voted “Australia’s best craft
brewery, followed by Bentspoke and Stone & Wood.”.

Furthermore, consumers are now more willing to explore the brewing process than ever. That
has made the market grow not only in its economic power but also in its independence from
strong multinational brewing companies.

One of the main reasons for this growth is that Craft Beer, in Australia and well as Worldwide,
allows consumers to try different craft beer flavours. Try different beers such as limited release
ones, and for them not to get bored or used to a specific flavour profile.

An interesting fact reported by the 2019 Australian Craft Beer Survey Results, informs:
“…research indicated a large proportion of consumers are regularly drinking beers they’re
never previously tried, the frequency of purchase of core range beers compared to
new/limited release beers overall is much higher..”.

We can agree that it is all about revolution and transformation as “craft beer drinkers are
largely positive towards the regular release of new beers by brewers. Most believe it
showcases the skill of breweries and provides new and interesting beers that can be enjoyed”,
declares the 2019 survey.

“Most believe drinkers need to continue to support a breweries core range for it to survive,
although a large proportion (66%) also enjoy following the latest beer trends”. “Australian
drinkers are big supporters of the scene, particularly independent breweries. Most (93%) are
extremely positive, believing the quality of craft beer in Australia is improving, with a large
proportion (87%) encouraging friends and family to try craft beer”, declares in addition.

Also, the term “independent” is a strong concept linked to craft beer, as Australians
understand the term as a “…type of beer that it is made by an independent brewery. Other
popular responses related to being crafted, rather than manufactured (48%), made by a small
brewery (44%), Australian made/owned (43%) and supports small business (42%) …”, declares
the 2019 Australian Craft Beer Survey Results.

However, perfect craft beer is subjective and that makes the exploration even more
interesting. Craft beer drinkers often have their favourite flavours or brewers linked to their
community. With Craft Beer growing in Australia and the World it is crucial to keep your mind
open and always try something new!

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An Interesting Fact

As explained by the 2019 Australian Craft Beer Survey, Pale Ale is the favourite craft beer
flavour among Australians. For instance, “fewer consumers are drinking most of the main beer
styles except for India Pale Ales (IPA) / Double IPAs which has grown by 2%”.

The full ranking shows the following as the preferred beer styles in Australia:

1. Pale Ale
2. IPA/Double IPA
3. Amber Ale/Red Ale
4. Golden Ale

5. Lager
6. Stout/Imperial Stout
7.  New England IPA
8. Porter
9. Pilsner
10. Belgian Ale