Anzac Day 2019 at the Keg & Brew

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Every year on April 25th, we celebrate ANZAC Day here in Australia and across the water in New Zealand. It is a day steeped in historical significance, marking the anniversary of the first day many Australian and NZ lives were lost in the first World War. Here in Sydney, many events will take place on Anzac Day including dawn services and marches. The Australian spirit remembers the lives lost with these services, and celebrates them at pubs across the city.

ANZAC Day 2019 at Keg and Brew

Celebrate ANZAC day at Keg & Brew

Here at the Keg & Brew in Surry Hills, we will have some great drinks deals including crisp schooners of Stone & Wood for $6.50 along with Tempus Two wines for $6.50. We will be serving some delicious food specials from our Aussie Chefs and of course no Anzac Day would be complete without copious amounts of two-up. For those unfamiliar with the game, two-up is a traditional Aussie gambling game where one person has the role of designated ‘spinner’ and throws two coins up into the air. Those playing must bet on whether they believe both coins will land with both heads up, both tails up, or one of each facing up. It is very popular on Anzac Day in pubs across Australia as our diggers used to play it while at war through the ages.

We look forward to marking another special Anzac Day with you here at the Keg & Brew on April 25th!