5 Quick Steps to Find The Craft Beer Perfect For Your Taste!

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Are you a beer lover and want to know a bit better about the amazing flavours of Craft Beer?

We are going to share 5 secrets with you that will help you make up your mind, explore and
learn a bit more about drinking craft beer and craft brewers.

three glasses of beer


1. Know the Basics

First, we are going to start with the difference between Craft and Draft Beer, more regularly
served at Bars. A Draft Beer is a beer “on tap”, that is usually a bit fresher than the bottled
ones and it is usually filtered before serving. They are made by large brewing companies; you
can find it’s bottled at any local bottle shop.

Now, Craft Beer is not filtered which gives the beer, to start, a denser body. They are usually
tastier as they are not pasteurized either. Craft Beer is known to be made by small and
independent brewers, smaller quantities but more quality is guaranteed.

2. Know your Type

There are many types of Craft Beer famous Worldwide. Each has its characteristics making
their flavour quite distinctive. They can be divided by method of making, ingredients, country
and style.

At Keg & Brew we offer 27 types of Australian & International made beer and ciders, our list
was carefully thought making us candidates for the Best Beer Bar List nominee in Time Out’s
2016 Pub Awards. We fully support independent craft and local brewers which experiment
with Craft Beer flavours in order to give our customers innovative beer-drinking experiences!
Out Craft, Beers Bar offers the following types: India Session Ale, American Pale Ale, American
Pale Wheat, Stout, Porter, Wheat Beer, Pale Ale Australian and American IPA.

3. The difference between Lager and Ale

Know that you know a bit more about what makes a Craft Beer special, we are going to divide
them into two large groups depending on the type of yeast used during the fermentation step
of the brewing process:

-Lagers: usually these beers have a clean and grainy taste. For example, the Pale Lager. We
recommend them as beer garden beers or day drinking beers.

– Ales: usually more bitter and dense than the lagers. Of course, their flavour varies among the
different types such as Pale Ale, Earl Grey, Blonde Ale or the popular India Pale Ale (IPA).

According to a study made by the Beer Cartel, “…One-third of Australian craft beer drinkers
rated IPA’s their most preferred beer style, with a quarter (23%) saying Pale Ale was their
favourite beer style…”. IPA has been the favourite among craft beer fans, try our selection!
“Craft Beer history began in North America in the late 1970s and early 80s…This was led by
breweries such as the Sierra Nevada, whose Pale Ale was the genesis for Little Creatures Pale
Ale when it was first created in Australia”, states the study made by the Beer Cartel.
They also found out that there are three leading “craft beers” in Australia: James Squire 150
Lashes Pale Ale, Fat Yak Pale Ale, and Little Creatures Pale Ale.

4.Food & Beer, the perfect combo

If you know how to combine food and beer, then you have the key to a whole new different
experience. Our Menu has been created to be combined with our beer list. Here are some of
our tips depending on which type of beer you pick:

– Pale Ale: Go for a spicy, aromatic or smoky flavour. For example, red ale or dark ale beers

– IPA: The perfect craft beer for salty, spicy, burgers or fried foods

– Porter: Go for pork, salmon, red meats or barbequed foods

– Stout: Go for smoked or roasted foods, salty dishes

5. Sharing is caring

Finally, when talking about drinking craft beer it is important to share the “modus operandi”
your experience and preferences among locals, friend and people at the Bar. At Keg & Brew,
we love to hear about our customer’s tastes and experiences, also their suggestions on our
Menu or recommendations on craft breweries.

We love to hear your thoughts as we work towards improving and offering the best
international and Australian beers in the market. Don´t hesitate in asking our bartenders about
the different types and selections, we are always looking forward to helping you discover the
amazing world of Craft Beer.

Our team sources local beers and ciders from the latest local craft beer start-ups, tapping
everything from interesting seasonal and experimental brews to tried and tested craft beer
favourites. We are open daily from 10 am till late and food is available from 11.30 am till 10
pm with continuous service!

Please notice that no alcohol is served for persons under the age of 18.