St Patrick’s Day at the Keg & Brew

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Celebrate St Patrick’s Day at the Keg & Brew

March 17th is just around the corner and it’s the day that the whole world paints the town green – St Patrick’s Day. St Patrick’s Day is a global celebration of Irish culture named after the patron saint of Ireland. It’s the one day of the year that everyone is encouraged to embrace their Gaelic heritage (however tenuous!), or just to appreciate the Irish people and how such a small country has made such a huge mark on the world. Here at the Keg & Brew in Surry Hills, we’re close to the tens of thousands of Irish people residing across Sydney and we can’t wait to celebrate all things Irish and want you to be a part of the ‘craic’ with us!

As it falls on a Saturday this year, expect an even bigger celebration than usual and we’ll be going all out here at the Keg & Brew. We’ll be serving up cold, creamy pints of Guinness, pulled with their famous two-part pour. You can satisfy your hunger with delicious Irish dishes such as beef and Guinness pie and Irish stew. We’ll be playing Irish tunes throughout the day to heighten the authentic Irish feel that everyone loves on St Patrick’s Day. To cap it all off, we’ll be open late so maybe don’t make any plans which will require too much energy for the next day! If Irish cuisine or Guinness aren’t really to your taste, we’ll still have our usual delicious food being served up and our extensive line-up of craft beers and drinks specials to complement the ‘craic agus ceol’.

So, brush up on your U2 and Sinead O Connor songs, learn a couple of words ‘as gaeilge’ and most importantly get ready to have your tastebuds massaged by the smooth, dark stout which is famous the world over. We’ll see you on the 17th!