How is Craft Beer Brewed?

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The Brewing Process of Craft Beer

It’s no secret that we’re crazy about craft beer here at the Keg & Brew, but do you know how the drink we all love so much is brewed? Firstly, it’s made up of 4 ingredients – barley, water, yeast and hops. Below are the steps involved to make the perfect craft beer from these ingredients:

Malted Barley: Barley Husks are immersed in water so they ‘sprout’. The barley sprouts are then dried in a kiln

– Mill: The malted barley kernels are then pushed through a mill, where they are cracked open to expose the starch inside. This starchy core converts to sugar, and later alcohol. The cracked kernels are also known as ‘grist’

– Mash Tun: The grist then goes into the Mash Tun, where heated and purified water is added to make a porridge-like ‘mash’. This is the stage where the starchy grist converts to sugar.

– Lauter Tun: The mixture is then placed in a giant colander-like container called a lauter tun, which allows the separation of the liquid (also called ‘Wort’) from the barley husks. Some brewers will add additional water at this point to remove any sugars which weren’t extracted on the first attempt.

– Brew Kettle: The wort is placed in a giant copper or stainless-steel brew kettle to be boiled. During the final part of the boiling stage, hops is added. Boiling generally only takes 2 hours or less.

-Whirlpool: The wort, now with added hops, is placed in a whirlpool kettle and spun at high speeds to draw any solids to the centre of the tank so it becomes a pure liquid.

– Heat Exchanger: The purified wort now needs to be cooled very quickly before it enters the fermentation stage. This happens in a machine called a heat exchanger, where it’s cooled to room temperature or lower.

– Fermentation: The cool wort is added to the fermentation tanks where the final ingredient, yeast, is added. Fermentation generally lasts 7-10 days.

– Filtration Tank: After fermentation, the wort may contain yeast and other particles. These are strained out in the filtration tank making the liquid clear and bright once more.

– Conditioning Tank: For the second and final round of fermentation, the beer is conditioned in large tanks for 3 weeks or more as the flavour refines.

– Sterile Filtration: Before the carbonation stage, a final filtration is carried out.

– Carbonation & Bottling: The final step of the craft beer brewing process is carbonation and finally bottling in kegs, cans or bottles. They are then refrigerated and transported so we can serve them up to you!

Here at the Keg & Brew in Surry Hills, we’re proud to be one of Sydney’s main craft beer establishments. We have over 33 styles on tap so drop in today to taste them for yourself!