Craft Beer Trends in 2018

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2018 Australian Craft Beer Trends

Here at the Keg & Brew in Sydney, we’re so passionate about craft beers that we’re always following the trends in the industry here in Australia, so we can bring you the finest craft beers on tap. In this article we’ve outlined the 2018 predictions for some of the most popular types of Australian craft beers:


Pale Lagers

Many people associate the term ‘craft beer’ with ales however lagers are also increasing in popularity in the Australian craft beer space. Craft beer snobbery has died down significantly in recent years and many beer-drinkers who’ve historically drunk mainstream lagers have converted to craft pale lagers for a different taste as well as the desire to support smaller, local businesses.


The above point doesn’t mean the popularity of traditional craft IPA’s is going to slow anytime soon, however. Australian IPA brewers will get more experimental with different fruits including lime and grapefruit for example. While these new flavours may be slightly more polarising than traditional IPAs, we’re excited to serve them up to our customers here at the Keg & Brew.

Porter & Stouts

While the Guinness family won’t be panicking just yet, dark beers such as porters and stouts will creep upwards in popularity in 2018. 2017 saw some big wins in prestigious craft beer awards ceremonies for Aussie stouts and porters predicting growth in these areas over the next 12 months.

More Corporate Attention

Like any industry which grows in popularity, the corporate heavyweights are swooping in to acquire craft breweries. Global powers Lion and SAB control over 50% of the craft beer market in Australia and Coca Cola have recently purchased brands like Blue Moon and Yenda.


These are just some trends expected for the Australian craft beer industry this year. While some may prove more accurate than others, two things are certain; it won’t be a dull year in the craft beer space and the Keg & Brew in Surry Hills will continue to serve the best Australian craft beer available!