A Crash Course in Craft Cider

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Craft Cider Crash Course

Think of a hot sticky summers afternoon in Sydney, or the day after one craft beer too many and you need a ‘hair of the dog’. Are you picturing it? Well imagine sipping down on a cold, sweet craft cider which quenches your thirst as it goes down smoothly. That’s exactly what you can experience right here at the Keg & Brew in Surry Hills with our selection of craft ciders on tap!

The craft cider component is a growing part of the alcohol industry in Australia as a whole. In fact, while alcohol consumption has decreased by around 0.1% annually over the past 5 years, cider consumption has surged. Within that cider segment, craft ciders in particular have thrived as consumers have shifted towards drinking premium craft-brewed fruity ciders as opposed to their mass-produced competitors. The fruit for this premium craft cider, which include apples and pears amongst others, is generally purpose-grown.

Interestingly, the art of making craft cider is more like making wine than beer. The cider-maker is totally at the mercy of the fruit and the taste of the finished product can differ greatly based on growing conditions, acidity and sugar levels to name a few factors. How the apples express their flavours along with the processes used by the individual cider-maker before, during and after fermentation will have a profound impact on the final result with flavours ranging from very sweet to dry and textures from still and smooth to very bubbly.

Here at The Keg & Brew, we offer a wide selection of 33 of the finest beers and ciders in Australia. Drop in today to choose your favourite!