Ales, Lagers, Pilsners and more!! 33 Craft Beers to choose from!!

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Craft Beer for every Palette

Sydney has gone craft beer crazy over the past few years and with good reason. A craft beer is a beer that is made in a traditional way in a small brewery unlike those mass-manufactured in a mechanical manner in large breweries. Here at Keg & Brew we are proud to present 33 different types of craft beers and ciders from experimental flavours to the favourites of the craft beer world. There are traditionally 2 different groups when it comes to craft beer:


Ales are probably considered the more common of the two craft beer categories. However under the ale umbrella, there are many different types. Some of the most common include:

  • Brown Ales: These are brownish or reddish in colour and are generally mild in flavour.
  • Pale Ales: Many people instinctively think of pale ales when they hear the words craft beer. These are a lighter-coloured beer and often have a sharp, fruity flavour. Popular pale ales include Amber Ales, Blonde Ales and Indian Pale Ales (IPA).
  • Stouts: Stouts are a very dark and rich beer often described as creamy, thick and smooth.


Many people think of the big brand names from America, Japan or Europe when they hear the word lager. A well-brewed craft lager is a smooth and refreshing drop which can qwench a thirst even on the warmest of Aussie summer days. Pale lagers and Pilsners are the most common and are light in colour and are cool and crisp with an often fruity undertone. Can you tell we love our craft lagers?!

Call into the Keg & Brew today for a sample of the finest craft ales or lagers money can buy here in Sydney. You won’t want to leave!